It’s been awhile since I’ve created a blog post so I apologize to my fans (sarcasm). Recently I had some thoughts come to mind about roofs. After any kind of weather event that could possibly damage your roof there are going to be a influx of roofing companies that want to come out and look at your roof FREE of charge. Sounds great right?! These companies aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their hearts however. They are doing it in hopes of getting working and being able to put a new roof on your house.

Not always, but a lot of times after these door knocking roofing companies get the job, they will get their 3rd party contractors to come and install a new roof in one day, rushing the job to move on to your neighbors house and get the neighborhood knocked out as quickly as possible. They will do the bare minimum, using the least amount of materials possible, skipping proper flashing detail, nailing too fast leaving shiners (nails nailed below the nailing strip which will void warranties), not putting sealant on exposed nail heads, misaligning shingles, not sealing exposed flashing fasteners, etc. etc.

What I offer at Rapid Inspections are unbiased roof inspections in Metro Detroit and the Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties, For a small fee I come out and give an unbiased inspection of your roof and label all defects and issues I see in a professional report with pictures, videos, illustrations, and comments. I even categorize the severity of the issues into 3 different categories: low, medium, high priority, (which are all color categorized as well) so you know which issues need to be addressed first. It does not benefit me in any way whether your roof has issues or not, I gain nothing from reporting it in good condition or bad condition. This insures you get an unbiased look at your roofs condition. I am not trying to sell you anything and I won’t give any company recommendations on who can fix your roof.

Remember, the free inspection from the roofer is free because they are doing whatever they can to get the job of putting a new roof on your house. The free inspection from the insurance company is doing everything they can to keep from having to pay for a new roof for you. The inspection I give you is an honest unbiased look at your roof.

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